viernes, 30 de octubre de 2009

Some exercises to revise for the exam.

On this address you can find lots of different exercises that will help you to revise. Try different activities like the text builder or the ones there are on the vocabulary section.

domingo, 4 de octubre de 2009

Famous couples

Historical couples that threatened empires. Love stories that ruined lives. Some that ended tragically, others that ended happily, a few that still last. Many of them have inspired novels, poems or magnificent palaces...Let see what they inspire to you.
This will be your first project in group. You have to research on a famous couple the group decides. Then, you have to prepare a presentation ( around 5 - 10 minutes). So you can share with the rest of the class the information you have. You can use any material for your presentation (photos, music, powerpoint, videos …) you can even performance a short scene. You will have to hand the result of your project on the 19th of October. The presentation to the class will take place from the 21st of October.

Here you have some useful links: