martes, 27 de noviembre de 2012

Preparación al control oral.

Situation 1: the elevator.
You meet your neighbour in the elevator. You talk about the weather:
  • Yesterday.
  • Today.
  • Tomorrow
  • Compare them.

Situation 2: Halloween plans
You run into a friend. It is one day before Halloween, and you talk about:
·         What you are doing on Halloween.
·         What you did last year for Halloween.
·         What your costume is going to be.
·         You ask your friend about his/her Halloween.

Situation 3: The big storm
There has been a big storm in your city. Your aunt, who lives far away, calls you because she is worried about the situation. She wants to know:
·         What happened during the strom.
·         If your are ok
·         If the storm damaged anything.

Situation 4: your holiday
You are going to spend the holiday in another country and your friend wants to know:
  • What you are going to do.
  • Where you are going go.
  • How you are going to go.
  • Who you are going to go with.
  • How long you are going to stay.
  • Where you are going to stay.

Situation 5: Debate this statement.
“Men and women are from different planets. Men are from Mars and women are from Venus”

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